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4 Ways to Make Your Campervan Feel Like Home

Interior of a campervan home showing the van bed
Make your campervan feel like a home with these 4 tips.

We all need a safe and comfortable space to settle into at the end of every day and our van homes are certainly no exception. It’s even more important with this lifestyle as you’re always immersing yourself in new and unfamiliar places. You’re meeting new people, learning about different cultures, adventuring, or even just working hard.

You typically need a good and familiar space to decompress after a long day of this activity, especially when you’re spending so much time in new spaces. However, some people struggle with their vans not giving them a nice, homely feeling, which can make it pretty hard to relax and find comfort in their campers.

4 Ways to Make Your Campervan Feel Like Home

Are you feeling like your van doesn’t really fit the whole “home” feeling? Here are 4 ways that you can make your van feel more like home.

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1. Decorate – more than you already have!

Decorated prep space in a van home

While it might be the most obvious tip of all, many people hesitate to decorate their living space in order to keep it organized or looking photogenic. Some people really enjoy the look of a brand new, untouched van, so they don’t want to “ruin” it with their own touches. While bare walls may fit a nice aesthetic, it doesn’t necessarily make anything feel lived-in or like home. Adding personal touches would help get rid of this manufactured feeling.

If you’re hesitant to decorate because of how much your van will be moving, there are a ton of ways that you can secure your items.

Command strips, hooks, velcro, and other similar adhesive tools are all great ways to hang stuff on your walls. This ensures that all your stuff stays right in place no matter how far you drive. You can also remove anything or redecorate without damaging your walls, so if you don’t like something, you can just change it!

Not sure where to start looking for decorations? Check out local craft stores that sell items specific to the location that you’re traveling in to add to your travel collection!

2. Make your van bed as comfortable as possible

Woman sitting on her bed in her van

Many of us hikers and campers are used to improper sleeping arrangements. You might find no issue settling with a thin mattress and a sleeping bag. However, it’s important to remember that you aren’t really on a weekend camping trip – you’re in your home!

You want to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible and always getting a good night’s sleep. Go with a thicker mattress, get real (and cozy) bedding, and bring as many pillows as you see fit. You’ll be spending almost a third of your time in your bed, so it’s worth splurging a little.

Proper sleep can improve your immune system, increase performance and productivity, and boost your mood. You don’t want to find yourself in poor health on the road, so taking this into consideration can change your entire van life experience!

3. Get creative with your senses!

Lighting can change the entire atmosphere in your van, so it’s an important factor to consider. Bright fluorescent lights may be great for lighting up the space, but they are also a little harsh and unnatural. Warmer-toned lights can create a more comfortable atmosphere and allow you to settle down and cozy in for the night.

String lights are a great alternative for this softer lighting. There are a ton of compact, battery-powered ones that are super easy to install. Some people choose to have colored LED lights as well for nights spent hanging out with friends. Others have projectors that can turn their vans into a theatre for movie nights.

You can also take advantage of the scents in your van. Essential oils, candles, and air fresheners can all significantly change the mood of your space! Just be sure to take proper ventilation precautions as you are dealing with a smaller area.

Woman sitting in the side door of a van

4. Allow yourself to bring a few items that aren’t totally necessary

Maybe you have a favorite blanket, a beloved painting, or some totally random item that you just can’t live without. Bring it! While these might not be van life necessities, they are familiar items that are a part of you and can therefore make your van feel more personalized and homey.

Van lifers are often used to living a minimalist lifestyle and taking only what they need, but there is nothing wrong with keeping those few cherished items. They are nowhere near meaningless; they are the personal touches that are essential to making the space wholeheartedly yours. Treat yourself to a few of your favorite things to make your space more exciting!

Your van home is all yours to do with as you please, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Your living space is small, so any action that you take can significantly change the entire feel of your van. Decorate as much as your heart desires, make your bed as comfy as you can, add some interesting lighting and smells to spice things up, and bring those beloved items that you’ve been on the fence about! After all, your van is your little home on wheels, so that’s exactly what it should feel like.

What are your must-haves to make your van feel like home?

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