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5 Best Portable Shower Set-Ups for Van Life

Looking to get on the road but don’t know how to stay fresh and clean? Here are the 5 best portable shower set-ups for van life!

A sign points camp visitors to the store, laundry and shower facilities, and camp sites
Ditch the questionable truck stop bathrooms and barely warm campground showers.

Ditch the questionable truck stop bathrooms and barely warm campground showers. You don’t have to rely on wet wipes and dry shampoo to keep yourself “clean”. While enjoying an epic road trip (maybe to Sedona), camping, or just general van life, you don’t have to compromise on cleanliness.

There are tons of products to meet your every need to make you sure you can have the best portable shower set-up, even on the road.

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5 Best Portable Camping Shower Options

Here are our five best suggestions for portable showers to take with your van.

1. SVMPON Camping Solar Shower

SVMPON Camping Shower Bag Solar Shower Bag

SVMPON Portable Solar Shower. Photo from Amazon.

This is one of the best portable solar shower solutions for van campers. This affordable fix is easy to pack, easy to heat up, and can be used almost anywhere.

The SVMPON shower is a solar heated bag with an attachable hose and showerhead. You simply fill the bag and leave it hanging in the sun, either on the roof of your car, a tree branch, or any other height near your van. The sun heats your water to give you a nice hot shower, and the detachable showerhead makes it easy to maneuver.

The bag holds 5 gallons of water and can be easily refilled. The solar power option saves money and is a great fix to have a shower on the go.

This option best suits the occasional camper or people looking for a quick fix to their bathroom solution.

2. MASO Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

The second option is this water pump shower. The MASO portable shower is suitable for all weather conditions and is easy to use on the go.

Rather than hang a heavy bag, this option requires a bucket of water. You simply plug the cord into a cigarette port, drop the bottom end into the water, open the switch, and adjust the height of the handle. This steady stream of water is excellent for showering outdoors and requires no effort from you.

The simply 12-volt power requirement makes showering on the go easy without shore power. The kit also includes a suction cup to fasten the showerhead onto a car or other object.

This is the best portable shower option for avid campers and van lifers who are looking for a long-term solution. This is a realistic fix that gives you that “real shower” feeling.

3. KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower

KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower

KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower. Photo from Amazon.

Another great option is a battery-powered pressurized shower. These off-grid units are great when you have no electricity plug-in options around.

The KEDSUM portable camp shower just requires a bucket of water and some batteries. Similar to the last option, this showerhead has one end submerged in water and the top end as a showerhead. To use, simply put in some batteries and turn the pump on.

This option also includes a suction cup and an additional hook. This makes it easy to hang the showerhead on your van or a tree branch. The kit consists of two batteries that can each be recharged time and time again. The batteries give you up to 120 minutes of usage.

Lightweight and durable, this portable camping shower option is also easy to pack on the road and does not require strength to hang a heavy bag of water.

This option is the best portable shower set for van lifers who don’t have electricity and want the ease of a hands-free shower experience.

4. Hike Crew Portable Propane Shower Pump

For a longer-lasting solution that may not be as easy to pack but offers hot water and real shower pressure, take a look at a propane-heated showering system.

The Hike Crew shower pump promises hot water every time you shower. The water is heated by propane. If you don’t have any propane available, this system can also heat water by plugging it into your 12-volt power source.

If you’re willing to sacrifice some of your van space to keep the heater while you travel, this option is excellent. You won’t have to worry about hot water or pressure at all.

This option is the best fit for the van campers who are looking to pick up their shower game. If you want a hot shower every time, this is for you.

5. Dr. Prepare Camping Shower

Our next suggestion is a combination of all the best qualities seen above.

The Dr. Prepare Camping Shower is lightweight, affordable, easy to pack, and provides pressurized showers.

This shower option requires you to fill a bag with water. After attaching the hose to the bag, you simply step on the pressurized trigger to deliver the water to the showerhead.

The shower bag features a clear window to see where the water level is. After emptying, the bag deflates into nearly a quarter of the size. This makes it easy to pack while taking up little to no room in your camper van.

This option is the best portable shower set for campers who are saving space and looking for an easy method to get excellent shower quality.

Do you want the satisfaction of everything in your van build being DIY? If that’s the case, there are plenty of DIY portable shower options like this one.

Van camping is no longer what it used to be. With the rise in the nomadic lifestyle, showering and other basic amenities are easy to take with you. These 5 outdoor portable showering options have great features for any van lifer.

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