Emily Lawrence lives in Idaho with her husband Nathan. Despite the cold winters in this area, it's Emily's favorite season! She loves to spend time skiing, roadtripping, and just exploring the outdoors.
Couple sitting by a fire with the Tiffin Class B Cahaba in the background

5 Best Class B RVs

There are lots of camper vans (aka Class B RVs) that can get you where you need to go. Today, we’ll talk about 5 of the best Class B RVs.

Van Life Cooking In The Mountains

Easy Van Life Cooking Hacks

You don’t have to give it up when you move into a van. Follow these tips and hacks for all areas of van life cooking.

Subaru Outback Parked at a Camping Spot

Top 5 Subaru Outback Camping Hacks

Many campers like to use cars for camping, so we’re here to share our top 5 Subaru Outback camping hacks! These cars are great for adventure.

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