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Choosing The Right Camper Van For Your Travels

Many novice Vanlifers wonder what kinds of expenses they will face during their travels.

Obviously, the choice of the van is important, as it will influence the whole setup. While most people dream of traveling in an Instagram-worthy vintage Volkswagen, if you plan to save as much as you can, you may want to consider your other options.

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Find the right camper van

It’s essential that you dedicate the appropriate time to search for the most suitable van, both in regards to your budget and for the technical characteristics. You will not want to have mechanical or electrical problems after just a short time of owning it.

It’s important to check the actual mileage of the van and the latest maintenance carried out by the seller. Make sure you find a van with a reasonable price and that it doesn’t need too much initial maintenance; if you find one that is both affordable and ready for camping, even better. If you find a working van that is not already outfitted as a camper, it will bring additional expenses to your budget.

Cost of a van build

Van builds can be very affordable as DIY projects, or can be more expensive with professional companies to carry out the build. It all depends on your budget and your personal tastes and preferences.

The cost of a DIY van build will be influenced by many factors, including the initial budget and what you need on board. You will need to consider the cost of building supplies such as wood and insulation, as well as furniture, camping gear, and other essentials.

Improve your van over time

Many of us also choose to start the adventure without having created large initial setups and make the various improvements to shape our needs over time. Initially, we did not install large systems, as we found ourselves facing a situation of particular haste that prevented us from carrying out some work we really wanted to complete. We set up our van in the best possible way according to our needs in a very short time, keeping a close check on our expenses.

It can be useful to brainstorm your van build before starting work. Establish a budget that is both realistic and reflects your needs. Then you will be more motivated to search for the right vehicle at just the right price.

Drivin & Vibin shares how to build a DIY camper van in 5 easy steps below:

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