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The Art Of Becoming A Digital Nomad

The choice to leave a stable life and the many comforts it provides is not something that you can do lightly. People love to stay in their comfort zone and that’s why van life seems to be an impossible choice for some. 

Nomadic life was stereotypically associated with hardship, misery, and deprivation, but today vanlifers demonstrate the opposite. Among these we find many very different types of people, all who have found their own balance while traveling in a van. There are many young couples with their van set-up, single people, maybe with their pet, who want to experience a different life, but also elderly people eager for new adventures and many families with small children.

Many people who have never experienced this way of life see all these nomadic travelers pass by and wonder how they can afford to travel so much. How is it possible to live and travel in a van full-time while still working for a living?

laptop in a camper van for digital nomads
Becoming a digital nomad is easier than ever. Photo via Shutterstock Standard License

The many uses of technology

In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous and influences the lives of all of us: in fact, it has radically changed the lifestyle of many people. This helps us in many actions of daily life: our smartphones wake us up in the morning; remind us what we have to do; keep us in touch with many people even thousands of miles away from us; are able to find information about almost all things in the world without having to consult huge encyclopedias that are sometimes not up-to-date; can allow us to make payments and transactions; check the balance of our bank account and many other things.

Especially today, during these difficult times, the pandemic has forced all of us to drastically change our habits, taking digital initiatives with importance and rediscovering the advantages related to the use of digital technologies. Many people who previously did not use these systems have benefited from them, managing to give university exams via webcams, the ability to participate in online courses, and working peacefully from home.

And those of the past generation who were born in an era where not all this technology existed have rediscovered the advantages, while before they thought it was only a damage to learning, especially for children. But on the contrary, if technology is used correctly and with the right programs, it can become a great resource for even the smallest ones.

Becoming a digital nomad

It is also possible to get an economic return from this. We see a lot of people using telecommunication technology to make a living and lead a nomadic life, and if they’re traveling with kids they can also give them a school and an education, thanks to this resource.

Digital nomads do the most disparate jobs, united only by the fact that their work can be carried out anywhere they have their computer. They are copywriters, programmers, designers, consultants, photographers, teachers, etc.

Thanks to the growth of remote work, many spaces have been created where people can go with their PC to work with free WiFi. Today you can choose to work remotely in cafes, public libraries, and many vanlifers have created an office inside their home on wheels.

Digital nomadism is not a specific work, but a way of life made possible by all these tools that technology has given us. Thanks to the the advancements in technology, the nomadic lifestyle is much more accessible than it was in the past.

For more tips on becoming a digital nomad, check out this video from MILE30 Adventures:

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