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Extend Your Space: Best Popup Tent Options

More Room to Roam With Awesome Popup Tents

Feeling a bit cramped in your van or just wishing you had some more space? Perhaps the best and quickest solution to this problem is to get a popup tent for the roof of your vehicle. The best popup rooftop tents provide extra space to sleep and hang out and are easy to set up and take down.

Let’s take a closer look at popup tents, why you would want one, and the best popup tents you can buy right now.

The 411 on Popup Tents

Popup tents are quick and easy-to-set-up shelters that sit on the roof of a camper van or another type of vehicle. Typically, you access your popup tent from outside your vehicle using a telescoping ladder which is usually built into the tent.

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Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell

Rooftop tents can be either hard or soft-shelled.  

A soft-shelled tent is much like any other tent that you would use, made from durable fabric that resists the elements. Soft-shelled tents are usually more affordable and larger than hard shells. However, hard-shelled tents have the advantage that they are more durable and faster to set up.

Why You Want a Popup Tent

There are a lot of reasons to want a popup tent. Probably the biggest reason is that it lets you increase your sleeping space. 

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll especially love having a rooftop tent. That extra space will keep the kids happy and give parents a bit of extra peace. 

A rooftop pop tent is also perfect for increasing your living space when you’re car camping or van camping.

4 Best Popup Tent Options for Your Setup

Now that we know all about popup tents, let’s take a look at some of the best popup tents you can buy right now. 

Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent

The Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent
The Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 rooftop tent is a two-person soft-shelled popup tent.

First on our list of the best popup tents is the Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 rooftop tent. The Thule Tepui Explorer is a two-person soft-shelled tent. The tent itself is made from durable UV-resistant fabric and has a high-density foam mattress inside. There are also 4 large storage pockets on the inside for your electronics or other goodies.

When you get an Ayer 2 rooftop tent, you also get a travel cover to keep your new setup protected while traveling, a telescoping ladder to access your new digs, and a quick-release rainfly.

An optional annex accessory is also available to increase your available tent space. 


  • Open:  84 x 48 x 39 in 
  • Closed: 42 x 48 x 11 in 

Weight: 105 pounds
Capacity: 2 people
Notable Features:
Optional annex available

Smittybilt Overlander Popup Tent

The Smittybilt Overlander Tent sitting atop a jeep roof
Smittybilt Overlander Tent is a four-season popup tent.

The Smittybilt Overlander Tent is a four-season popup tent that sleeps 3 people. This unit can be set up in just minutes and can be deployed from either the driver’s or passenger’s side of the vehicle.

The Smittybilt popup tent has tons of great features that make it among the best popup tents available. Interior LED strips light up the interior of the tent, while a cigarette lighter adapter and extension cord let you charge your devices. Keep the inside bug and dirt free with mosquito screens and an exterior shoe storage bag as well. 

This popup tent also includes an extra-wide 18-inch ladder that’s 6 inches wider than the standard!

If you need even more space, there’s also an optional annex add-on with a removable floor. Have kids or big dogs? Check out the extra-large version of the Smittybilt Overlander Tent, which sleeps up to 4 people. 


  • Open: 95 x 56 x 51 in 
  • Closed:  58 x 49 x 13 in

Weight: 116.5 pounds
Capacity: 2-3 people
Notable Features: LED lights, power adaptor, optional annex, optional ladder extension, XL version available

Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid Voyager

Two-person roof-top tent from Raptor set up atop a Jeep
Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid Voyager Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent

Go off-grid with the Offgrid Voyager tent. This two-person roof-top tent from Raptor has a unique, sleek design with tons of great features. Thanks to its aluminum frame design, it is also highly durable.

The Raptor tent sets up and closes in only seconds. When the tent is set up, a built-in awning provides shade for your camp. A mosquito net door can be rolled down so you can have airflow without blocking the views. 

Besides looking great, this popup tent’s design makes it aerodynamic to help resist heavy winds and shed rainwater. That means you’ll never have to worry about inclement weather ruining your camping trip.

Inside, you’ll find a foam mattress that can hold up to 750 pounds. This popup tent also includes two hanging storage pockets for storing shoes and other items.


  • Open: 83.5 x 79.5 x 48.5 in 
  • Closed: 83.5 x 79.5 x 11 in 

Weight: ‎159 pounds
Capacity: 2 people
Notable Features:
Aerodynamic design, two hanging storage pockets

Topoak Pop Up Rooftop Tent

The Topoak Pop Up Rooftop Tent displayed with ladder atop vehicle.
The Topoak Pop Up Rooftop Tent is a hard-shell popup tent option.

If you need a hard-shell rooftop tent look no further than the Topoak Pop Up Rooftop Tent. This durable shelter sleeps up to 4 people and is loaded with features that make it easily among the best popup tents on the market.

The exterior gel coat of the hard shell is 100% waterproof and features easy-access locks for extra protection. Enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of your surroundings with the 3 mesh windows on the side and a unique sky view window up top.

When stored away, this tent is only 8 inches tall and deploys in just 30 seconds. The hard shell also features its own roof bars to make up for lost storage space from using the tent. 

Inside the tent is a comfortable high-density foam mattress. Storage is a must in a van or when tent camping. This tent has 6 mesh hanging bags to store your things.


  • Open: 83 x 56 x 56 in 
  • Closed: 83 x 56 x 8 in

Weight: 172 pounds
2-4 people
Notable Features: Weatherproof hardshell, sky view window

A Popup Tent is an Unparalleled Way to Extend Your Space

Whatever you’re looking for, one of the options on our list is sure to be the best popup tent possible for your needs. 

With the right popup tent on your roof, you’ll gain an extra sleeping space for two to four people. With great extra features like annexes, sky-view windows, and LED lighting, you can make your night in your popup tent even better.

Which of these options do you think is the best popup tent?

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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