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How much is My Van Worth?

This post was updated on June 6th, 2022

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I have a Class B Campervan…How Much is My Van Worth?

Are you looking to sell your van or Class B RV but unsure of the value? It can be frustrating to know your vehicle’s actual worth, just because of so many factors and variants. Each make and model has its own price, and upgrades or visible wear and tear can increase or decrease the value as well. Yearly depreciation values can be tricky to calculate, too. So the question is, how much is my van worth?

When pricing your vehicle, you want to be as accurate as possible, without shorting yourself due to an oversight. Perhaps you have a ballpark figure of the vehicle’s value but want to zero in on the highest sell price possible. Listing your vehicle either too low or too high is sure to scare away potential buyers.

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When Is A Good Time to Sell My RV?

You’ve picked a great time to want to sell your campervan or Class B, as there is a large demand for both. Current market conditions have caused an increase in demand for vans and Class B RVs.

How Can I Learn my Vehicle’s Value?

There are three ways to learn the value of your van. While all these options can be conducted via the internet, two can be done individually. The third one might provide the most peace of mind and most accurately answer the question, how much is my van worth?

Online Searches

First, online searches can be done through sites such as the NADA guides. This is a good place to turn to get an approximate value of your van or Class B vehicle. By using the year, condition and mileage of your vehicle, a solid ballpark figure can be gained. This tool will generate a ballpark figure of the price of your vehicle which will give you an idea of where to begin.

Compare Against Comparable RVs

The second individual online search method is to check prices on comparable units. Places like RV Trader can give you examples of vehicles similar in mileage, age and condition to yours. The downside to this is the amount of time it takes to do a specific search via the website, just to find out they don’t have your specific model listed.  If you do find the same make and model, the shape of each vehicle is unique and will uniquely alter the price.  

Ask Those Who Really Know

Option 3 is to ask those in the know, how much is my van worth? The reason why this method might be the most accurate is simply because you communicate with someone who works in the RV sales market on a daily basis. By getting a free valuation, you will be getting a dollar amount from an experienced agent. No strings or commitment, just a fair market value. Information requested will usually be standard factors such as make, model, mileage, and condition.

Options for Selling Your RV

There are some variations for selling but one thing that is concrete for all options is being sure of the selling price before beginning. Knowledge is power and being sure of what your vehicle is worth is crucial in receiving the most money from the sale.  If you choose to sell it directly to a dealer, you will want to do your homework and know the value. Don’t rely on them to give a fair price in your favor.

Consignment or Broker

Listing the vehicle with a consignment or broker is another option. Fees for these will vary and may be a lengthy and expensive process.

Sell Your RV Yourself

It is possible to sell your van by yourself. Listing in magazines, newspapers and online sites are all options. Choosing to sell your vehicle by yourself can be a heavy chore. Weeding out all the leads, follow-ups and showings are all part of the process. The plus side is you have full control over the entire sales process.

The Best Option to Sell Your RV and Know, How Much Is My Van Worth?

If this seems like it would be too time-consuming or overwhelming, another option is to list through a professional sales company. Some might find it easier to turn all the work over to those knowledgeable and experienced. Choosing a company like National Vehicle makes the process easy as they can supply you a free valuation and then list and sell your RV as well.


If you are looking to sell, now’s the time. With such a demand for travel vans and all versions of Class B RVs, this is the perfect time to sell. A company like National Vehicle can help you get it done quickly so as to maximize your RVs value.

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