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Introducing the Ouistiti from Outside Van

Life in a camper van with small children can be a big challenge, but having kids in tow doesn’t mean you can’t travel in style and comfort. That’s where Outside Van’s awesome Ouistiti camper van comes in! 

The Ouistiti camper van
Ouistiti is great for kids, while still being an awesome adventure van

Created for a family of four with two children under 3, Ouistiti (pronounced “weesteetee”) was built with this big challenge in mind. The French word for little monkeys called marmosets, “ouistiti” can also be said to make you smile for a picture, just like we say “cheese” in English. In this camper van, your little monkeys will be smiling all the time!

Ouistiti has everything you need to take on life’s adventures while keeping your little ones safe and happy. Let’s take a look at just what makes it such a great camper for families. 

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A Camper Van for the Whole Family 

Ouistiti is a dream camper van for anyone traveling with young children.

A family of four enjoying the activity area inside the Ouistiti camper van
Made for a family of four, Ouistiti has tons of features for the little ones, like an activity area and custom sleeping bunks

The star of this awesome camper van build is probably the custom bamboo bunk bed. Consisting of two stacked sleeping cubbies, each cubby has its own privacy curtain, comfy memory foam sleeping pad, and dimmable lights. Plus, each cubby has a USB-C port to charge up devices like iPads, so the little ones stay entertained. 

Mom and son enjoying the custom bamboo bunk beds

On the bottom bunk, the side security panel swings down so kids can get in, then swings back up to keep them safely inside. And, it also has a removable panel that extends the sleeping space out to the rear seating bench, giving extra space to growing kids. 

At the back, a sleeping area for the grown-ups easily converts into a dinette and activity area. With two benches and a Lagun table that folds out whenever you need it, this is the perfect space to eat, play, and learn with the whole family. 

There’s also plenty of storage to accommodate a family’s worth of stuff, including mesh stuff sacks on the interior of the rear doors. These easy-access storage sacks are perfect for storing things you’ll need to pull out often, like toys, bike helmets, and more. Overhead exoskeleton cabinets provide the perfect space for gear and clothes. 

Besides the internal storage, Ouistiti also has plenty of external storage. The rear and side utility ladders feature mounting points for bike racks and more. These ladders give access to a rooftop safari rack that Outside Van’s metalworking team builds in-house, with two crossbars for extra storage. 

Ouistiti also features hookups to the onboard water tank and air compressor at the rear garage. That means you can clean up dirty toys, gear, and kids before they get in the van, keeping everything nice and clean. There’s also an air hookup at the sliding door, to make cleaning up (and inflating tires) even easier. 

Besides these kid-friendly features, Ouistiti also features two car seat compatible captain’s chairs to keep even the youngest kids comfortable and safe during travel. A bug screen on the slider door lets you get airflow and a view while keeping kids safe from mosquitos and other critters. 

Ouistiti is Great for the Kids and for Adventure too!

Outside Van did an amazing job making Ouistiti the perfect van for families with young kids. But more than that, Ouistiti is also an amazing adventure van that can take on tough challenges. 

The Ouistiti is built on a 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 chassis, featuring 4WD and an Agile Off-Road Ride Improvement Package. Together, these give the van a smooth ride and maximum performance on and off-road. No matter where you want to go, Ouistiti can take you and the whole family there. 

Inside, a 600Ah lithium battery bank and 2000W inverter work to power all your devices. This also powers the onboard Espar Hydronic Plus Evo 55 heating system, overhead LED lighting, and refrigerator.

Besides the fridge, the galley kitchen features a stainless steel sink with a removable cover that doubles as a cutting board. Next to the sink, there’s an electric induction cooktop for preparing meals, while cabinets above and drawers below provide space to store dry goods. 

Outside the van, a 13’ 2” Fiamma awning provides shade and protection from the elements. Simply deploy the awning and you have a covered area to relax and play with the kids. When it’s time to move on, simply retract the awning, and you’re good to go. 

The whole package is completed with a vinyl wrap on the outside of the van. Besides making your van cool and stylish, it also protects from damage due to rocks and branches. 

If You’re Traveling with Young Children, Ouistiti is the Perfect Van for You

Life in a camper van with young children does present unique challenges, but with the right van, it’s totally possible. If you’ve ever wanted a camper van, but were worried it wouldn’t be suitable for your little ones, Ouistiti is the van for you. 

Ouistiti has everything little kids need in a camper van: a cool and comfy place to sleep, space to play and learn, and all the tools parents need to keep everything clean and under control. 

And, it still has everything you need for a real adventure. Ouistiti is off-road ready, with plenty of space for gear. All this together makes Ouistiti the ultimate adventure van for families!

Exterior view of the Ouistiti camper van
Ouistiti is off-road ready and able to take on your family’s biggest adventures
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