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Options for the Perfect Vanlife Gift

Vanlife Must-Haves for the Holidays

Gift buying for those friends or family that are living their best vanlife might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. While it is true that life on the road means navigating a cramped living space, use that fact to flip a negative into a positive by buying a space-saving necessity. Each vanlife gift listed here can help create productivity without claiming a lot of space.

Kitchen Appliances

While some prefer to eat out for every meal, others might like to make their own meals while on the road. For those who choose to cook, there are some appliances and tools that can make this activity a bit easier. From freezer and fridge storage to prepping and preparing meals, these gift ideas will come in handy. Compact and easily stored, these products make great options for a perfect vanlife gift.

Smittybilt Products 

Smittylbilt provides a large variety of products, but we will be covering two specific options that provide food storage and prep: a dual zone fridge freezer and a galley stove and kitchen.

The dual zone fridge freezers come in two models: the Basecamp 75L and the Waypoint 55L.

Both models have a battery life that lasts up to six hours, with charging capabilities via a 12-volt accessory or the standard 100-watt solar panel. The battery is removable and additional batteries are sold separately.

The Waypoint 55L holds up to 88 cans, while the basecamp 75L houses up to 112. With plenty of options to fit your needs, the all-new, battery-powered Smittybilt products provide a modern and customizable fridge system complete with Bluetooth connectivity. Removable wheels, extendable handles, convenient dual zone freezing, and cooling capabilities allow for customization for every trip.

One of the other products they offer is the Galley Compact Stove & Kitchen.  A stainless steel ‘command center,’ it consists of a two-burner stove, sink, cutting board, slide-out table, and storage drawer. And for the sake of saving storage space, this product folds into a compact container.

The Galley stove and kitchen can give vanlifers a bit of outdoor workspace that is portable and easily stored.

The line of products from Smittybilt offers plenty of overlanding and tent options as well, including more camping accessories, rooftop tents, and awnings. Order or learn more about these Smittybilt products here.

Westinghouse Makes Compact Vanlife Gifts

Two more ideas for a vanlife gift come from Westinghouse: a smart cooking machine and a multi-purpose air fryer oven. While these are heavy with power, they are lightweight enough to transfer to your home base when not on the road.

Smart Cooking Machine

Finding a counter area to try to cook can be a puzzle, but Westinghouse makes that challenge a bit easier with two products that are big on results and small on space.

The Smart Cooking Machine from Westinghouse combines ten functions into one easy-to-store machine. Cook, weigh, sauté, mix, steam, whisk, grind, chop, knead and emulsify all within the 3L mixing bowl. Westinghouse’s Smart Cooking Machine also provides three preset cooking modes, built-in temperature controls, and an easy-to-see LED Display.

Multi-Purpose Air Fryer Oven as a Vanlife Gift

Westinghouse also offers a multi-purpose air fryer oven. Compact yet large enough to hold four pounds of food, this machine is a great option for a vanlife gift. With a max cooking temp of 400, a digital timer that automatically shuts the oven off, and a touch screen control panel, there are plenty of meal options to be made in a safe way and in a small area.

There are two separate cooking baskets, each with its own heating elements and controls, 12 preset programs, and adjustable temperatures. This 9.4-quart cooking machine won’t take up much counter space, but it will serve up plenty of healthy and easy meals.

Tableware for Two is a Great Vanlife Gift

this 12-piece silverware kit is ideal for that perfect van life gift

Stored in a stylish bag, this 12-piece silverware kit is ideal for that perfect van life gift. Easy to store, this table setting for two provides everything needed for a meal.

Two knives, forks and spoons, a butter knife, and a can opener fit snuggly within the case, along with two plates and two napkins. Not only good to use daily in the van, but this set is also perfect for a day-long hike. Easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to gift.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner by ThisWorx

After all the cooking and dining have ended, the cleanup awaits. Trade that lumpy broom and dustpan for something a bit more powerful and a lot more compact.

This car vacuum cleaner makes a great van life gift with its compact size and convenient storage bag. Powered from a 12-volt outlet and featuring a 16-foot power cord, this vacuum comes with a flathead hose for hard-to-reach areas, an extension tube for under seats, cracks, and crevices, and a brush head for carpets. Accessories such as a spare filter and a cleaning brush are also included.

Hopefully, this list of vanlife gifts will make this year’s gift-giving process a bit easier.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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