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Top 10 Camper Van Interior Design Improvement Ideas

Tips To Create A More Comfortable Van Interior

Living in a camper van can be a fun adventure or a full-time lifestyle! There are many ways to create a comfortable and functional camper van interior. Your van has to be multiple things at once. It needs to be functional and comfortable and include enough storage space for your gear. Of course, a few decorations and aesthetic choices never go amiss either!

If you’re interested in designing a camper van interior, we have a few ideas to give you some inspiration. Every van is different, but the 10 ideas below might give you a good place to get started! Let’s take a look.

Utilize Storage Space Underneath Furniture

One of the most important parts of full-time van life is finding enough storage space for everything. Vans have restricted floor plans, so it’s essential to be as efficient as possible when planning out your storage areas. In addition to cabinets, you can also create storage space underneath furniture!

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If you build custom furniture, sometimes you can create spaces underneath your benches and chairs. The space beneath the bed is another valuable place for larger items. Don’t let any space go to waste as you explore your camper van interior. Solid furniture items can also be heavy, so you can reduce the weight of your van by hollowing them out.

Use a Convertible Bed

Most camper vans function as multi-purpose spaces. They serve as a kitchen, bedroom, and vehicle all at once. Because you need different things at different times, it’s a good idea to use convertible furniture that you can adapt to your specific needs. For instance, traditional beds take up a lot of space within a van.

You could be limiting the usefulness of your van if you have a bed set up all the time. This is why a convertible bed can be very handy! There are lots of ways to do this. Some people have couches on opposing walls that can be connected when it’s time for bed. Others have a dinette with a removable table. Some even have fold-out beds that can lie flat against the wall! No matter what you choose, a convertible bed can help you use your space wisely.

Try a Hammock

If beds just aren’t your style, you can also try a hammock! Nothing says “van life” quite like a colorful hammock in a van. These bed alternatives are super comfortable and easy to set up. They also don’t take up much space when it’s time to pack them away.

If you want to stay nice and warm while you sleep, you can try using a sleeping bag hammock! This Hyke & Byke Antero model is designed to keep you comfortable. It can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, so you can sleep under the stars if you need a change of pace.

Install a Skylight

Speaking of sleeping under the stars, why not add a skylight to your van? Van windows can let in plenty of natural light during the day, but some people want to keep them covered for insulation and privacy reasons.

A skylight can bring you the best of both worlds! It’s inaccessible for people outside the van but will give you plenty of natural light. You can even crack it open if you need some fresh air. Plus, it’s nice to see the sky when you’re cooking, sleeping, or just hanging out in your camper van interior.

Include a Slide-Out Table

One issue that van lifers face is a lack of workspace! Tables take up a lot of room, and working one into your floor plan can be challenging. Of course, dinettes can help, and you can use a fold-out table, but there’s a better solution you can try.

Slide-out tables are super useful additions to a van. You can add these to cabinets or underneath beds because the table itself is quite thin. You just need to slide it out, and you’ll have a nice desk or table to work at. This is quite useful for travelers who need to work on the road.

Increase Counter Space with Sink Covers

Speaking of increasing your amount of workspace, let’s talk about kitchens. Doing food prep in a small van can be nightmarish. There often isn’t a lot of room for a kitchen counter, and we’ve already discussed some issues with tables.

If you want to give yourself more room for storage or food prep, try creating a sink cover. This is a flat insert that can be placed over the sink. Now you can enjoy a flat surface that can be easily converted back into a sink when needed. Sink covers can also be helpful while you travel because they will prevent things from moving around.

Use Curtains as Dividers

Division of space is an important aspect of camper van interior design. Most vans function as a single uninterrupted space where you can see everything at once. This can be nice, but sometimes you might need a bit of privacy. Plus, who wants to look at the dirty dishes while they’re trying to relax?

Curtains can help you separate certain areas of the van. For instance, if you have a rear bedroom, hanging a curtain over the entrance will help that feel like a separate space. You’ll be able to compartmentalize your floor plan this way. There are also lots of cute curtains and blankets you can use to add a bit of style to your interior.

Grow a Herb Garden

Plants and greenery can add a nice natural touch to your camper van interior. There may not be room for a lot of decorative houseplants, but consider adding a small herb garden near a window! This has the added benefit of providing you with fresh herbs when you want to cook. The smell is great too, and it can even ward off some pests.

There are lots of hardy herbs that can thrive in a van. Some popular additions include basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley, chives, mint, and oregano. Try planting a few near a window and see the difference it makes!

Add New Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in the world. Most camper vans include lighting, but it can feel cold, sterile, and impersonal. This lighting can wash out the interior and make it feel unwelcoming. If you want to make the van feel like home, you need some good lighting solutions!

One good option is to add LED light strips along the tops of your walls. This will provide some ambient illumination, plus you can select from a variety of colors and brightness settings. String lights are another good way to add some warmth.

Incorporate Fun Designs and Textures

Finally, make sure you personalize your camper van interior! This is where you will live, sleep, and work, so it should be comfortable for you. Try to incorporate some of your own styles into the designs. An easy way to spice things up is to add some pillows, towels, rugs, or curtains that feature fun patterns.

You can also incorporate distinct textures. Lots of people like to use wood paneling, tile backsplash, or wall stickers to add variety to their vans. As long as the space feels homey to you, you can add anything you want!

What are some ways you have made your van interior more comfortable? Let us know in the comments.

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