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Is Van Life Right For You?

This post was updated on June 11th, 2021

Don’t you think a lot of people are turning into robots?

Being part of the van life community makes you feel it more and more, simply because you look at people from another perspective of life.

There’s so much talk nowadays about the society in which so many people feel trapped, this vicious circle in which everything seems predetermined, as if someone had decided for everyone the “normal” way to live.

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When a person chooses van life for their lifestyle, they consciously decide to manage their life at 360 degrees, in all its aspects, positive and negative.

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Living in a van is not for everyone

We all have loved ones around us who often seem unhappy, but none of them have ever reached the point of making a decision. They just keep going on and on, getting carried away by events.

Many people who stand by the rules, but see others who realize their desires, wonder how this is possible. Some people wonder if this is a fiction, other people feel admiration, some envy because they weren’t so good at listening to themselves and concretizing their freedom. Many wonder how to not be afraid to live intensely.

It all depends on how you want to live. Everyone has the right to do what gives them more joy and happiness. When you are living your life to the fullest and share your emotions and happiness with other people, you increasingly realize that most of them are not really satisfied with their lives.

Every day, all of us should be able to tell something different from the previous day, do many different things between them, and fill the days, making them productive and unique at the same time. Time, as we all know, is not available to us in unlimited quantities, so it is foolish to feel regret daily, especially for things of little value. In the end, the most vivid memories will always remain the most intense ones.

A friend once told me that they were uncomfortable living in the same place for over a month. This is one of the best parts about van life: it allows you to not have to live this anguish. It allows you to explore new horizons, every time the need arises.

van life

Why van life?

It’s also important to be able to realize a feeling like that—that you want or don’t want certain things. This is always part of questioning yourself and getting to know each other, in order to be able to fully satisfy the real needs.

It makes no sense to stifle one’s desires and continue on the old road, just continuing to complain without acting.

Van life made us see that around the world, in addition to the dark and dull people, there are many others who enjoy life the way they like best! Those who arrive at the beach at dawn with their surfboard barefoot and dive into the waves; who travel in the company of their spouse, who is comfortable to read a good book while their partner makes endless preparations for kitesurfing.

You can also see couples of older gentlemen inside their old camper van without ever understanding what they are really doing. But in the end, if you reflect or exchange a few words with them, you understand that they are simply LIVING. Living in the simple things that life offers continuously. Seeing all this, one has the naked perception of themselves being free and happy.

It’s essential to fill yourself with moments like these as much as possible, because they will probably never be enough. In van life, all this can be perceived and enjoyed. Whatever your choice, take back your life! 

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