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Vanning in Plain Sight: A High-Quality Stealth Camper Van Build

New Company Specializes in Luxury, Stealth Camper Vans

Stealth camping is a concept that is very well known in the nomadic community, and most van lifers have likely tried it at some point in their travels. For people who are just getting into van life, it can be an intimidating topic if you’re not sure where to start. When I started my own van life experience, the thought of stealth camping was nerve-wracking – I wasn’t sure what rules to follow or what factors might make for a passable stealth camper van.

Luckily, there’s a new van-building company that specializes in stealth camper van builds (so you don’t even have to think about it), and they have some tips for current van lifers on how to successfully stealth camp!

What is Vanning in Plain Sight?

Before and after photos of stealth camper van built by Vanning in Plain Sight
Before and after photos of stealth camper van built by Vanning in Plain Sight (Source)

Vanning in Plain Sight is a new van-building company that focuses on the idea of stealthy, luxury vehicles. The name refers to how private and covert these vans are, allowing van lifers to fly under the radar wherever they go.

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Who is Behind the Idea?

The idea for the business was conceived by partners Jenny and Terry Smith. As van lifers themselves, they got the idea after living in their own stealth camper van conversion full-time from 2018 through 2020. Their admiration for stealth camping grew, and they soon felt inspired to bring this type of van living to more people.  

“We built an entire business around the notion that stealth van life is the best form of van life.”

Jenny Smith

They spent their two years on the road working out the kinks of their own camper van and learning all they needed to know about van life and stealth camping. Once they were certain they were ready to take the next step, they sold their van and began their new journey of building exceptional stealth camper vans.

What Are Stealth Camper Van Builds Like?

There are many van building companies out there, so you might be wondering how these van builds differ from others. Let’s take a look at a few ways these van builds stand out from the industry standard!

Check out this tour of Vanning in Plain Sight’s latest build!


The level of stealth these vans have is the central focus of this business. In order to keep the vans inconspicuous, they have a cab partition, low-profile solar panels, and no windows.

Jenny and Terry point out that curtains, raised solar systems, and wrap-around windows are typically clear indicators that someone is living inside, so refraining from those aspects considerably helps you avoid detection.

The way your vehicle looks from the outside can determine whether or not your stealth camping experience will be successful, and that’s exactly what Vanning in Plain Sight sought to avoid when designing their sneaky builds!


Although the vans may be humble on the outside, Terry and Jenny’s goal was to make stepping inside their vans feel like stepping into a hotel room. While living in their own camper van, they worked for various luxury hotels, so they know exactly how to make their vans feel less like a van and more like a resort.

These vans are designed for ultimate comfort and convenience with high-end cabinetry, a full shower, and climate control. They have carefully crafted their builds for utmost accommodation and ease, ensuring that the owners of the van will have a relaxing experience.


One of the greatest aspects of these stealth camper vans is that they are completely off-grid, giving you even more flexibility with where you want to camp.

While buyers can decide the specific features they are looking for in their vans, Jenny and Terry’s past builds have come equipped with a full kitchen, water filtration system, plumbing, and a solar battery system. This allows you to spend extended periods of time in the backcountry (or wherever you choose) without needing to worry about finding an established campsite for hookups!

Why Stealth Camp?

You may be wondering why this business focuses on stealth camping. As van life grows in popularity, camping areas are becoming saturated with nomads, making it harder to find a spot to sleep for the night. Stealth camper vans open up more opportunities for places to camp out, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about finding a designated camping area every night.

“A properly stealthy van can give you a completely different vanlife experience bringing even more freedom and flexibility than other more traditional vans. Take advantage of the ability to hide ‘van in plain sight’ and see and experience all the amazing towns and cities of this country rent-free!”

Jenny Smith

Tips for Stealth Camping

If you already have a camper van and are looking to try stealth camping for the first time, Jenny has a few tips to follow:

  1. A cab-partition privacy curtain doesn’t cut it. 
  2. Ditch the wrap-around windows. 
  3. Get crazy with the interior and stay humble on the outside. 
  4. Fly (drive) under the radar when you pull into a new town. Behave as stealthy as your van.

How Can You Get One of Their Stealth Camper Vans?

Want to get your hands on one of these luxurious stealth camper vans? You’re in luck! Vanning in Plain Sight vans are made to order, so you can visit their website and get a free quote right now for the exact type of van you’re looking for.

What’s the Cost?

The vans range in price depending on the specific elements that you prefer, including the type of van, year, mileage, appliances, and more. These fully converted vans can range anywhere between $160,000 to $190,000, though the lower end of the price range still has all of the top-of-the-line components you need!

When Can You Get a Stealth Camper Van?

As of this month, the Vanning in Plain Sight team has grown! Jenny and Terry have now partnered with another builder, Christian Blando, so they’ll be able to handle a higher demand for their amazing vans. Their turnaround time is faster than ever, so now is the perfect opportunity to explore what their vans have to offer!

One of my favorite parts of van life is how everyone does it in their own way. It’s incredible to see what other nomads are doing, and we are so amazed by Jenny and Terry’s unique approach to their own van living and their new business! If you’re in the market for a luxurious, stealth camper van, be sure to check out their website! You can also stay up to date on their Instagram account @vanninginplainsight

If you’re interested in learning more about stealth camping in general, check out my ultimate guide to stealth camping! Stay safe and stealthy out there!

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