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Winnebago and Adventure Wagon Debut a New Adventure-Ready Van

Vanlifers of All Types Are Going to Love These New Vans

If you’re into cutting-edge camper vans, then you’re in for a treat because Winnebago and Adventure Wagon just joined forces to create a game-changing RV! Winnebago is one of the biggest names in the RV world, and Adventure Wagon is all about customized and adaptable camper vans, so this collaboration is a match made in heaven.

The new, limited edition Winnebago + Adventure Wagon vans will be hitting the market this spring of 2023, so it won’t be long until you can get your hands on one. From what we know so far, these vehicles are set to bring together comfort, versatility, and style like never before. Although there’s only one floor plan available right now, each van is designed to be tailored to your needs, with almost every element being adjustable or removable.

They combine the rugged and flexible style of Adventure Wagon with the comfort and dependability of Winnebago. Keep your eyes peeled for these two brands, as this partnership could be the start of a beautiful business relationship. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the new Winnebago + Adventure Wagon vans so unique!

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Winnebago + Adventure Wagon Van Overview

Although Winnebago and Adventure Wagon work separately, they decided to come together to create a vehicle that combines the best parts of their brands. They both have large catalogs of RVs for sale, but the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon van collaboration only includes a single design. As such, they could dedicate all of their efforts and innovation to this project.

Kinds in an Adventure wagon
Photo by Winnebago

These new camper vans are limited edition, so you’d better snag one early if you’re interested! Each vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 chassis. Each van is equipped with high-tech gadgets and top-notch safety features. After all, every good van has to start with a good base.

From the outside, these look like just about any other camper van. You can choose from 3 different colors: Arctic White, Iridium Silver, and Tenorite Gray. But it really gets special when you step inside. The interior of these vehicles is based on the Modular Interior System that Adventure Wagon developed. Flexibility and multipurpose spaces were the primary goals here.

The new Class B motorhomes are ideal for adventurous types. With the adaptable interior, you can pack all sorts of equipment into and on top of these vans. The storage space can be as small or as large as you need, so you can fit bulky items that might not fit into other camper vans. It’s easy to rearrange the entire interior differently each time you head out.

Adaptable Design

Speaking of the flexible nature of these vans, let’s delve into the Modular Interior System that each one features. For starters, the bed is one of the most noteworthy parts. Beds always take up a lot of space in RVs. This can be frustrating, especially in camper vans where there isn’t much room, to begin with.

Elevator bed in the Adventure Wagon
Photo by Winnebago

The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon vans feature a MOAB elevator bed which can be raised and lowered to suit your needs. This is handy because you can lift the bed and use the lower space for storage. It can even lower down to the wheel wells to serve as a padded surface. You can even remove the bed if you need to prioritize storage space above all else. To make things more comfortable, Winnebago offers an upgraded WinnSleep mattress to pad out the bed.

Another useful feature of these vehicles is the built-in L-track system. Three runner tracks are built into the floors so various items can be locked into place or slid up and down the length of the vehicle. Seats can be added, removed, and adjusted to suit your needs with this modular design. The walls also have several brackets to provide stability and locking points in certain areas.

Finally, these camper vans have plenty of room for overhead storage. Each model comes with several soft Mule Bags, a specialty of Adventure Wagon. These containers can be locked into place along the ceiling, and their flexible nature makes it easier to load them up to capacity. You can add or remove bags, which can also be tucked away in other locations if you want to free up your ceiling space.

High-Quality Amenities and Upgrades

Of course, a camper van is more than just its furniture or layout. You need certain lifestyle amenities to make this vehicle feel like a home. Fortunately, the designers have you covered here as well.

Winnebago + Adventure Wagon
Photo by Winnebago

Each Winnebago + Adventure Wagon van comes with a compact but fully functional kitchenette. These vans include a cooler/refrigerator, a portable water system, a collapsible sink, and cooking components. There’s also a decent-sized countertop and a galley cabinet.

This camper has no dedicated bathroom space, but each model comes with a self-contained toilet. This is useful if you camp in places that don’t have easy bathroom access. Additional features for these campers include:

Kitchen Winnebago + Adventure Wagon
Photo by Winnebago
  • 3.6kwh EcoFlowTM Lithium Generator
  • WiFi and Bluetooth® capabilities
  • 120V AC power supply
  • Multiple outlets

Floor Plan

Currently, only one floor plan is available for these campers: The 70SE. It features all the elements we mentioned above, but here’s a quick overview of the layout.

Adventure-Ready Van Floorplan
Photo by Winnebago

A Queen-sized MOAB bed occupies the rear of the vehicle. This can be raised or lowered to suit your preferences, and a portable power station is located underneath the bed. We have the kitchenette between the bed and the front of the vehicle. One wall contains the refrigerator, while the other has the countertop, sink, and enclosed water system. There’s also a lounge seat/toilet storage feature off to the side of the kitchenette.

Two swiveling seats sit at the front, but additional seats can be installed on the long L-tracks that run the length of the vehicle. Overhead storage space is also available throughout the floor plan, and the Mule Bags are easy to rearrange and remove.

A Collaboration Between Brands

Winnebago and Adventure Wagon have created a wonderful design with the 70SE floor plan. Although more details will be available upon its release, it already seems to be off to a strong start. Representatives of both brands expressed their enthusiasm for this project. They believe it will open up new avenues to connect with customers and fill niches in the RV market.

“This partnership unlocks opportunities for consumers who desire flexibility across a variety of
lifestyle applications. Whether it’s family camping or gear hauling, or weekday work platform to
weekend home base, the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon platform empowers our diverse
customer base to make it their own.”

Russ Garfin (Director of Product Management at Winnebago)

“This collaboration with Winnebago brings a new vision that fills an unmet need in the RV market, one with a more flexible approach to meet everyday needs. With this partnership, we are broadening our commitment to make Adventure Wagon’s versatile platform accessible to more people with a turnkey, financeable buying experience through the Winnebago dealer network.”

Chad Smith (CEO of Adventure Wagon)

The future looks bright for both of these companies, and customers can look forward to the Spring 2023 release of these new campers. If you want to learn more about these vehicles and/or sign up for email updates when new information becomes available, visit

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