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7 Van Life Must-Haves for Smoother Travels

Make Your Trip Better With These Awesome Products

While traveling in a van for any period of time can be rewarding, there are products available to make any trip better. Take a look at these 7 van life must-haves that provide safety, security, convenience, and comfort.

Shell Portable Power Station

Topping our van life must-have is a portable power station from Shell
Photo from Amazon

This portable generator from Shell is great to have on hand for both emergencies and conveniences. Whether using it at the beach for cell phone charging, at a picnic table for a portable fan (more about that below), or inside the van for a fridge or other appliance while repairing/replacing a dead battery, this must-have item comes in handy time and time over. Compact enough to store in a van cabinet but powerful enough to run a TV for six hours or a 60w fridge for 10 hours.

The initial charge process takes a few hours but once it is fully charged, it can charge a laptop up to eight times, or charge a drone 10 times. You can order a Shell Portable Power Station through Amazon. A perfect gift for yourself and friends/families that are also living the van life.

Shell Portable Lithium Jump Starter

Shell Portable Lithium Jump Starter is another must-have for van life
Photo from Amazon

This is another convenient must-have product that offers security and convenience.  A multi-use item from Shell, this one is both a battery starter and multiple USB ports charging box for phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Whether it is your van that has a dead battery, or a neighboring van at the campground, help can be provided with a handheld product.

Compatible with most cars, trucks, ATVs, and boats, this auto battery booster features 10 safety features and also offers an LED flashlight and emergency flashers. Plus it can be stored in the included EVA case.

The jump starter comes with an entire kit and can be purchased from the Shell Store at Amazon.

Infinity X1 Hybrid Flashlight

More than just a typical flashlight, the Infinity X1 Hybrid Powered Flashlight also provides bright light options due to high lumen counts, three different lighting modes, and dual power options. A neat feature of this flashlight is the rechargeable battery core. While you can run the flashlight by batteries, I find it more convenient to charge the core by using the built-in USB-A cable.

The Infinity X1 Hybrid Powered, Aircraft Aluminum Flashlights are available in four power and size options: 5000 lumens, 4000 lumens, 2500 lumens, and 1500 lumens. Prices range from $59 to $89.

This flashlight is a great safety tool to have. Choose from bright, brighter, and brightest beam options. I have the model that shines a bright 5000 lumens, which can light up approximately 250 square feet of space. It’s more than enough light to provide security and safety while outside at night.

Travel Hammock

No camping spot should be without this portable, easy-to-store travel hammock. Complete with tree stakes and a storage bag, this durable hammock provides comfort and relaxation. Easy to set up and store, the travel hammock by Coalatree is a fun addition to any van adventure.

Solar Powered Portable Fan

The Breeze fan is a great carry-on for the open road. Included with the purchase of the aluminum-blade fan is a 12-volt power source for any cigarette lighter port. The Shell portable power box listed above can power this fan. I like to use both at the picnic table, allowing the fan to work its magic outdoors. It is also nice to have inside the vehicle, to help circulate the AC while driving.

The 3-pack of solar panels to run the fan outside is available for an additional purchase. Having the fan and solar power panels in tow during a beach trip would be comfy, too.

Mini Fridge

This min fridge from Uber is another must-have for van life
Photo from Amazon

Another van life must-have is the mini-fridge. Large enough to hold six cans of soda, this small-but-mighty travel-friendly mini fridge is a great addition to every trip. Available in a variety of colors, Uber Appliance’s portable mini-fridge is a must-have.

Aside from food and beverage, this product could be used to store medicine. A car power cord for a cigarette lighter and a 110-power cord for home use are included with the travel fridge.

Smart Phone Binoculars

See what EyeVue can do for you!

This last item has more to do with the destination than the drive. A brand new product, eyeVue, allows users to turn their smartphones into binoculars. Just slide your cell phone into the back of the EyeVue and have crisp views of far-off images. Video and photo capabilities through this product give close-up views that are not so close-up. It’s perfect for hikes, whale-watching outings, and trips to the beach.

I hope one or two of these seven van life must-have items have made it to your must-have list. Will you be adding a few of these products to your next adventure?

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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