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How To Have A Camper Van for Less Than $5,000

Transform Your Minivan Into a Camper Van With Ease

Owning a camper van opens up a world of freedom and adventure, but the steep price tag of conventional camper vans or RVs can be a significant barrier for many. However, the dream of hitting the open road in your own camper van doesn’t have to be out of reach. With innovative solutions like those offered by Vanpackers, you can convert a minivan into a functional, cozy camper van for less than $5,000. Here’s how you can turn this dream into a reality, featuring the key benefits and the seamless “Plug and Play” system that Vanpackers offers.

The Plug and Play System

One of the most significant advantages of Vanpackers’ conversion kits is their simplicity. The “Plug and Play” system enables you to transform your minivan into a camper van in just 5 minutes, and back again. This flexibility means that your daily vehicle can easily double as your adventure mobile without any permanent modifications or the need for tools.

No Modifications Necessary

Many hesitate to convert their vehicles into a camper van, fearing the need for drilling or structural changes. Vanpackers addresses this concern head-on. Their conversion kits are designed to leverage the existing anchorages of each vehicle model, ensuring a secure fit without any alterations to the car. This means you can install or remove the kit without impacting your vehicle’s resale value or integrity.

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Crafted in Canada for Durability, Comfort, and Quality

Durability is a cornerstone of Vanpackers’ offerings. Proudly made in Canada, their conversion kits have been tested rigorously. With over 3,000 customers through seven years of renting converted vans and nearly 400 kits sold since 2020, the proof is in the pudding. This track record not only speaks to the product’s reliability but also to the trust and satisfaction of their growing customer base.

Why a Minivan Makes the Perfect Camper Van

There are a number of reasons that your current minivan might just be the perfect camper van. Let’s explore a few of those reasons.

Cost-Effective and Practical

Opting for a minivan over a traditional van or RV comes with considerable savings, not just in the purchase price but in overall practicality. Minivans are less expensive and serve a dual purpose as your everyday errands don’t require navigating a bulky RV through crowded parking lots. This also allows you to test the camper van waters for a bit before making a huge investment.

Incognito and Versatile

The incognito nature of turning your minivan into a camper van is another perk, especially with the increasing restrictions on overnight parking. Additionally, the versatility of Vanpackers’ kits allows for vehicles with stow-n-go seating to keep those seats in the vehicle, making it possible to seat up to four people with seatbelts, all while having the conversion kit installed.

Configurable to Your Needs

Whether you’re traveling solo or as a couple, the layout can be adjusted to accommodate a single or double-bed set up with the same kit, proving Vanpackers’ commitment to flexibility and convenience. Even cargo vans can get in on the fun with the small cargo van conversion kit.

Expertise and Passion Behind Every Kit

At the heart of Vanpackers is a team of enthusiasts who are not just selling a product; they’re sharing their love for adventure. With experience in both short jaunts and long voyages in converted vans, they’re always ready to offer tips and support to help you make the most of your van life experience.

Not Just for Minivans

Despite the name, Vanpackers didn’t forget about you SUV owners either. If you are looking to take your SUV on the road, then the Sleep’IN and the Kitch’IN kits for SUVs might be right for you. All it takes is a snap of the finger to transform SUVs and other hatchback vehicles into a mini camper. These new Vanpackers kits can be installed in less than 5 minutes in the trunk of your vehicle. 


The idea of owning a camper van no longer has to be a distant dream, nor does it require a hefty investment. With Vanpackers‘ innovative conversion kits, you can have a functional, comfortable camper van for less than $5,000. It’s an invitation to explore the open road with the comfort of knowing your vehicle is versatile, reliable, and made with passion. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, your adventure awaits. Visit today.

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