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What Hot Springs Should You Visit This Fall or Winter?

As temperatures drop, consider the soothing allure of hot springs for your fall or winter retreat. These geothermal wonders not only offer relaxation but also health benefits through their mineral-rich waters.

Many are nestled in charming towns, brimming with unique attractions and cozy campsites, especially in America’s Northwest, where geothermal activity is prevalent. Explore our curated list of hot spring destinations, perfect for RV enthusiasts looking to combine natural beauty with the comforts of their home-on-wheels.

Disclaimer: Hot Springs Safety Warning

Many of the hot springs on this list are regulated at spas or resorts, however some are a little more on the wild side. Following the safety tips below can minimize your risk of injury:

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  1. Extreme Temperatures: Some hot springs have very high water temperatures, which can lead to severe burns or heat-related illnesses. Always test the water temperature before entering and avoid prolonged exposure.
  2. Water Quality: Natural hot springs may contain harmful bacteria or other contaminants. Avoid submerging your head or drinking the water to reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Slippery Surfaces: Rocks and ground around hot springs can be extremely slippery, increasing the risk of falls and injuries. Wear appropriate footwear and move cautiously.
  4. Remote Locations: Many hot springs are in remote areas that may not have cell service and are far from medical help. Always inform someone of your plans and consider visiting with a companion.
  5. Hydration: The hot environment can lead to dehydration quickly. Drink plenty of water and take breaks often.
  6. Wildlife: Hot springs in natural settings may attract wildlife. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from animals.

Remember, safety is your responsibility. If in doubt, seek guidance from local authorities or park services. Enjoy the beauty and relaxation of hot springs, but always prioritize your health and safety.

Best Hot Spring Destinations for RVers

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Colorado 

Location: 281 Centennial Dr, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Colorado is a hotspot (pun intended) for scenic hot springs. The area is surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges and a nice variety of plant life. Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers a spa-like experience. You won’t have to hike for miles to soak your troubles away.

There are 16 different pools here, with a variety of temperatures and mineral qualities. The temperature options range from 96 to 108 degrees, so everyone should be able to find a pool in their comfort zone. Best of all, you get to enjoy gorgeous views from the nearby rivers and mountains while you relax.

Campgrounds Near Iron Mountain Hot Springs

  1. Rifle Gap State Park – Lakeview Campground
    • This campground is known for its well-maintained sites, privacy, and recent upgrades. It offers 42 campsites with full hookups in a scenic juniper and pion pine forest setting. Read more reviews here.
  2. Glenwood Springs West / Colorado River KOA Holiday
    • Praised for cleanliness, services, and overall value, this campground features amenities like free parking, high-speed internet, and a pool. Read more reviews here.

Quapaw Bathhouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Location: 413 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901

There aren’t many hot spring opportunities in the central and eastern parts of the U.S., but Arkansas breaks the mold with the famous Quapaw Bathhouse. Celebrities have frequented this location for decades, making it a popular local landmark.

In the modern era, it’s a luxurious bathhouse with a range of spa treatments. Quapaw Bathhouse offers both private and public pools, set in a historic building that features gorgeous stained glass windows. This bathhouse is located in the heart of downtown Hot Springs, on the historic Bathhouse Row, offering a unique experience with its acclaimed thermal mineral waters in four large capacity soaking pools or in a private bath area​.

Camping in the Area

  • Lake Ouachita State Park
    • Lake Ouachita State Park campground features 101 campsites next to Arkansas’s largest lake, Lake Ouachita. Read more reviews here.
  • Gulpha Gorge Campground
    • Gulpha Gorge Campground, nestled on Gulpha Creek, is just minutes from downtown Hot Springs National Park. Read more reviews here.

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming

Location: 538 Park St, Thermopolis, WY 82443

Discover the natural allure of Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Renowned for its thermal pools, originally heated to about 128 degrees Fahrenheit, the park offers a unique soaking experience with temperatures adjusted for comfort. The best part? Access to these therapeutic waters is complimentary for all visitors within the state park.

The park is not just about relaxation in thermal waters; it’s also a wildlife enthusiast’s delight. Keep an eye out for the majestic bison and other native wildlife that freely roam the park, adding an element of wilderness adventure to your visit.

Campgrounds in the Area

  • Eagle RV Park
    • Eagle RV Park is conveniently located, offering easy access to the natural wonders of Thermopolis. Explore more here.
  • Boysen State Park
    • Boysen State Park provides a scenic camping experience close to the Hot Springs. The park is known for its picturesque landscapes and provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Learn more here.

Benton Hot Springs, California

Location: 55137 Highway 120, Benton, CA 93512

Benton Hot Springs in California is truly one of a kind, offering an experience you won’t find anywhere else in California. This unique destination boasts 12 hot tub sites, each fed by natural hot spring water. Each site features a private hot tub, picnic table, fire grill, and pit, allowing visitors to either pitch a tent or park their camper or trailer.

While no hook-ups are provided, as these are primarily hot tub site rentals, the serene environment is enhanced by foliage, cottonwood trees, and privacy fences. The bathing areas are clothing-optional, with discretion encouraged, ensuring a private and relaxed experience.

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon

Location: Basket Butte Rd, Idleyld Park, OR 97447

Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon is a renowned tourist destination, offering a memorable experience in the midst of a lush forest. Although private soaks are not available, the charm of the location more than compensates.

A short hike through the beautiful woods leads to the springs, enhancing the sense of seclusion and tranquility. The hot springs are arranged in a terrace formation, allowing visitors to choose their preferred temperature level from the hot topmost pools to the cooler lower ones, enjoying the natural spring waters amidst nature’s splendor.

Campgrounds in the Area

  • Rising River RV Park:
    • Rising River RV Park in Roseburg, Oregon, stands out for its scenic beauty and upgraded amenities. Recent upgrades include a new vacation rental home, a new office and store, a dual dog park, and a gated entry, enhancing the overall guest experience​​.
    • Explore Rising River RV Park
  • Sutherlin/Umpqua Valley KOA Holiday:

Boquillas Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Location: Highway 385, Panther Junction, TX 79834

Texas, a state known for its vast landscapes, is a must-visit for RVers. Big Bend National Park, located in this diverse state, houses the Boquillas Hot Springs.

Big Bend National Park Hot springs

These springs offer a more private experience compared to other popular hot springs. Situated off the beaten path, a short hike is required to reach them, which tends to deter casual visitors, providing a more secluded and peaceful environment for those who make the journey.

Campgrounds in the Area

Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada

Location: Goldstrike Hot Spring Trailhead (601 Great Basin Highway), Boulder City, NV 89005

Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs, located in the picturesque Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Las Vegas, offers a serene getaway with a touch of adventure. To reach these secluded hot springs, you’ll embark on a challenging 2-mile hike, which is best avoided during periods of extreme heat. This trek is part of the allure, as it keeps the crowds at bay, ensuring a more private and tranquil experience.

A word of caution: The temperatures in the natural pools vary significantly, with the coolest pools in the 70s and the hottest reaching around 144 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s crucial to exercise caution, as water at 144 degrees is scalding and can cause severe burns. Always test the water before entering and choose pools with safe and comfortable temperatures.

RV Parks in the Area

Kirkham Hot Springs in Lowman, Idaho

Location: Kirkham Rd, Lowman, ID 83637

Kirkham Hot Springs in Lowman, Idaho, offers a unique and fairly private soaking experience, making it a splendid destination for nature lovers and hot spring enthusiasts. With 10 individual pools spread across the area, visitors can enjoy a more secluded and less crowded experience.

The natural setting is enhanced by warm water cascading over surrounding cliffs, creating a picturesque and therapeutic environment. These pools are freely accessible to the public, with only parking fees applicable, making it an affordable and enriching experience in a beautiful natural setting.

RV Parks in the Area

  • Starlight Mountain Theatre Campground:
    • Starlight Mountain Theatre Campground in Garden Valley, Idaho, is a unique camping location that combines outdoor recreation with theatrical entertainment. It offers a distinctive experience for those visiting the Kirkham Hot Springs area​​.
    • Explore Starlight Mountain Theatre Campground
  • Pine Flats Campground:
    • Pine Flats Campground, located in the Boise National Forest near Lowman, Idaho, is a serene camping spot offering several single and double-family sites. The campground’s accessibility and natural setting make it an ideal place for RVers visiting Kirkham Hot Springs​​.
    • Learn more about Pine Flats Campground

Ready to Plan Your Adventure?

Did we miss any of your favorite hot springs perfect for a fall or winter escape? If you know a hidden gem or a must-visit geothermal haven, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and share your go-to hot spring destinations!

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