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Cicadas – They Are Coming, And You Can’t Stop Them

Cicada Apocalypse to Primarily Affect Midwest and East

You may have already heard, the Cicadas are coming! If you live in or drive through any Midwestern, Northern Atlantic, or Central Atlantic states, you will encounter Cicadas, most likely in swarms due to their numbers. It’s a safety hazard, so RVers and Vanlifers alike should be prepared. Larger vehicles, from camper vans to motorhomes, can have larger windshields that accumulate a lot of bugs. Regardless of whether you are towing or driving, getting your rig over to the side of the road safely is more challenging than the average commuter in a standard vehicle, especially if your vision is suddenly impaired.

4 Tips to Help You Cope With Cicada Splatter on Your Windshield 

Do Not Use Your Windshield Wipers

This will make the situation worse as you will spread the bug mess all over your windshield and possibly harm your wiper blades. Cicadas are large bugs and leave a sticky, acidic residue.

Get Off the Road

Get out of the traffic lane and safely pull over to the side of the road.  The glare of the sun off the bug residue will impede and distort your vision. The cleaning needs to be done as the Cicadas accumulate on your glass.  You may still be able to see, but there is a chance you may drive into another swarm, and then it becomes a real problem.

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Carry Extra Water

Travel with 1 or 2 gallons of water in a pourable, plastic container such as a gallon of water or milk jug.  Also, carry rubber gloves, paper bags, paper towels, and a dozen or so pieces of corrugated cardboard cut from a box or 2 or more Bugs Off Pads, as this is one of the only products that can easily remove the acidic residue from the glass.

Clean and Clean Again

Use the cardboard as a disposable scraper to remove the heavy bug “guts”, then put the cardboard and bug guts into the paper bag for disposal. This will biodegrade quickly.  Wet the Bugs Off Pad with water from the jug and use this to remove the acidic residue from the glass. You can also mount the Bugs Off Pads or Love Bug Erasers on a pole with a pad holder if you need to reach the windshield of Class A motorhomes, large pickups, vans, or SUVs. Rinse the pads with water from the jug and reuse until all the residue is removed. Dry your glass with drying pads or microfiber towels.

Post Arrival Cleanup

When you arrive at your destination, address getting the Cicadas off the painted surfaces as the acidic residue can damage the paint if left on for long.  Use a hose to wash the heavy accumulation off and then follow up with the rinsed-out Bugs Off Pad or any other suitable product to remove the residue.

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1 thought on “Cicadas – They Are Coming, And You Can’t Stop Them”

  1. Seems like some baking soda solution would also clean off acidic residue. Don’t scrub with baking soda as it’s a mild abrasive; just use a clear solution.

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