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Go Van Camping In Tarifa, Spain

Many novice Vanlifers, before starting their adventure, do endless research of the best places to stop and the most exciting routes to go.

Of course, before choosing your destination you should always consult some reviews, perhaps the most recent, since there are many places where in the past there was a lot of freedom for van life, but over the years things could have changed. Today there are also many useful applications, with the various reviews of different travelers, where to stay in freedom with your own home on wheels.

 Surely, as far as Europe is concerned, Tarifa is one of the places where many could find their peace.

Where is Tarifa located?

Tarifa is located in the very southern part of Spain, 14 km from Africa, near the Strait of Gibraltar. Here is the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Its geographical position makes it very well known for the perennial wind, a feature much appreciated by those who love all kinds of water sports.

van life
Camping in Tarifa, Spain. Photos via author

Why go camping in Tarifa?

Besides having a lot of tourism during the summer season, Tarifa remains busy in the colder months, if we can define them, seeing the little distance from the African continent that maintains a very mild climate even in winter.

With a few minutes by ferry, in fact, you can reach Morocco, especially Tangier, a very popular excursion. Even the most passionate of history will find something to enjoy here, as the origins of this country, which unites two continents, date back to many years ago. Here you can visit the different castles located in the old town; also outside the city you can visit several archaeological sites.

In addition to the beauties it offers to the many tourists, Tarifa has a world of privileges to offer to those who love van life. Here you will find travelers of different nationalities, with whom to group, share meals, and create a beautiful atmosphere that feels like a big family.

In addition to being fantastic for the various parking lots, Tarifa is also very practical for those who love this lifestyle. Supermarkets are well stocked and cheap. Those who have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country will not even miss the so-called “social life.” In fact, in the historic center, there are many places to spend pleasant evenings.

The endless beaches, famous throughout Andalusia for their white color and the nature from which they are surrounded, give the opportunity to take relaxing walks, practice many sports, and entertain your four-legged friends in total freedom.

The sunrise and especially the sunsets here are famous for their intense colors. The sunset is called “la hora màgica” which means the magic hour. These phenomena will surely make your eyes shine and certainly not make you tired of admiring them.

van lifers
You will love the sunsets while camping in Tarifa!

A fundamental aspect, which many perhaps ignore, is the brightness of the people who live in the area. The Andalusians are very open and welcoming. In Tarifa, it seems that everyone loves each other, there are no prejudices. The country abounds in freedom and you feel the openness that characterizes it. For these reasons, many people decide to stay for a long time.

Even for van lifers that operate here as digital nomads, there is no problem, as the area has excellent internet access and in some places, you can find free WiFi.

In short, this place in southern Spain is a paradise for vanlifers, sporty and alternative people. If you recognize yourself in the description and love the van lifestyle, do not miss Tarifa in your travels!

Check out this video from Kite Van Man for a closer look at camping in Tarifa:

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