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Check Out The Brand-New Tiffin Class B RV!

Just recently at the Hershey RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Tiffin unveiled the latest in the Tiffin family and the first Tiffin Class B model ever. They’ve dubbed it the Tiffin Cahaba!

Tiffin Class B with bright LED light bar
The future is bright for Tiffin with their new Class B. Photo from Tiffin

Meet The First Tiffin Class B: Tiffin Cahaba

If you know RVs, you probably know Tiffin Motorhomes. Founded in 1972, they’re best known for their line of high-quality Class A motorhomes and also have a Class C model in their lineup. But, they’ve never offered any Class B RVs – that is, until now!

Before we dive into the new Tiffin Class B, let’s have a quick review of the classes of RV for anyone who might not know. There are three main types: A, B, and C.

  • Class A motorhomes are the largest RVs, with a profile similar to a bus. 
  • Class B motorhomes, despite being in the middle of the list, are actually the smallest. These are your cargo van-style RVs.
  • Class C motorhomes are in the middle sizewise and are built into a standard pickup truck chassis, usually with a portion of the living space hanging over top of the truck cab.

For a Class B like the Tiffin Cahaba, being small, sleek, and efficient is the name of the game. The Tiffin Class B is an especially compact Class B RV. But Tiffin has packed a lot of punch in their new RV – perfect for van lifers!

The Tiffin Cahaba, first of all, looks great. On the outside, the vehicle shows off a sleek design with all-metal running boards, a rear-door mounted MOLLE gear rack (with a bike rack option), and a roof rack (perfect for a cargo carrier). 

In the Tiffin’s highly compact living area, you’ll find all the essentials. The interior features:

  • Wet bath
  • Small kitchenette featuring a sink, fridge, and a single burner stove
  • Seating area that converts to a bed.

The passenger and driver’s seats also swivel for extra seating room. 

One of the biggest features that Tiffin is touting in its new Class B is the Volta power system. This whisper-quiet four-module system will deliver over 12,000 watt-hours of power and can be recharged via both shore power and the vehicle’s alternator.  That means all the power necessary to run your high-power amenities like air conditioning all day long. 

Tiffin will also be offering an option exterior LED light package. This package will add a front LED light bar, plus rear spotlights on each corner to help navigate in the dark. Talk about a bright future!

This Class B Gets an A Plus!

Tiffin has long been a trusted name in RV manufacturing, and their entry into the Class B space is very exciting. The new Tiffin Class B RV shows off the build quality that Tiffin fans know and love, with plenty of bells and whistles to make it a hugely attractive option. 
Interested in more information about the Tiffin Cahaba? You can head over to Tiffin’s new website for their Class B to get all the details and even sign up for the latest updates!

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