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Fleetwood & Holiday Rambler Debut Class B Motorhomes: Xcursion & Xpedition Luxury Models for 2024

Article Summary
  • Brand Transition: Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler, traditionally known for Class A motorhomes, are introducing Class B models: Fleetwood Xcursion and Holiday Rambler Xpedition for 2024.
  • Model Offerings: Both Xcursion and Xpedition feature various floorplans, including compact (AL2) and extended (SL models) chassis options.
  • Luxury Focus: Despite the smaller size, these models maintain Fleetwood’s standard of luxury, style, and comfort.
  • Chassis and Design: Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis, offering different wheelbases for maneuverability and space.
  • Features: Includes luxury amenities like advanced suspension, solar charging, spacious interiors, high-quality finishes, and efficient power management.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at couples or solo travelers, appealing to younger demographics and digital nomads.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency: Focus on fuel efficiency and sustainable living, with options like the Freedom package for reduced fuel dependency.
  • Industry Trend: Reflects a broader industry shift towards more versatile, sustainable, and compact luxury RVs.

As a leading manufacturer of Class As, Fleetwood, a brand of REV Recreation, is not known for its Class B motorhomes. However, the brand is shifting gears as 2024 rapidly approaches, with the release of the Fleetwood Xcursion and Holiday Rambler Xpedition models.

As Fleetwood recognizes the shift towards smaller, more compact RVs, especially for boondocking and off-grid lifestyles, a revamped line of Class B motorhomes makes sense. The Xcursion and Rambler are exciting new additions to a growing lineup, with Fleetwood going so far as to tout a new achievement in Class B standards.

Both campervans offer a range of floorplans, with a specific focus on both a compact chassis (AL2) and an extended chassis (SL models). Small or large, Fleetwood’s focus on luxury, style, and comfort remains at a high standard. With this, ‘new standard’ in mind, what exactly are we getting with Fleetwood’s latest foray into campervan territory?

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Fleetwood Xcursion 2024

Fleetwood Xcursion 2024 Class B Motorhomes
Source: Fleetwood RV

Previously, the Fleetwood Xcursion lineup was exclusively Class A motorhomes. According to the Fleetwood press release, the idea is to take everything that makes the Class A variation a fantastic luxury experience and shrink it. The goal is to manufacture a Class B that retains the best of the Class A as a smaller and more compact experience.

The Xcursion, a Class B diesel, features four floorplans, one of which is a compact version more suitable for couples. The SL2, SL2E, and SL4E are longer models and include extra luxuries such as more counter space, longer Lagun tables, more cabinetry, microwaves, and a refrigerator.

Holiday Rambler Expedition

Holiday Rambler Expedition
Source: Holiday Rambler

To alleviate any confusion, the Holiday Rambler Expedition is apart from the Fleetwood Xcursion. However, you’re probably noticing the identical floorplans for each. Both Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler are REV brands, so they’re both releasing identical products under two different models, all under the same umbrella.

Like the Xcursion above, the Holiday Rambler Expeditions have a single, compact floorplan, with three extended models that feature different layouts, according to what you are looking for in Class B motorhomes. With the Fleetwood Xcursion and Holiday Rambler Expeditions offering four, identical floorplans, it’s time to cover the new standard these two brands are bringing to the industry.

Luxury RV Travel In Class B Motorhomes

‘Luxury’ is the keyword here, and it’s central to the new standard REV is bringing to the campervan industry under these brands. REV is relatively new to the campervan fold, starting its manufacture of Class B motorhomes in 2017, under the Midwest Automotive Design brand.

According to Doug Miller, Product Manager of the Fleetwood Family of Brands, “We apply the same meticulous attention to detail and design principles in our Class Bs as we do in our Class A Motorhomes. Maintaining the distinct Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler look and feel was a priority for us.”

This is clearly the thought process and primary focus in both the presentation of these new campervans and the public relations department. The idea of bringing something new to the table, with all of the amenities and enjoyment of a Class A motorhome in the form of a Class B, is a laudable prospect.

Holiday Rambler Xpedition and Fleetwood Xcursion Details

Discussion of the Class B Xcursion and Xpedition begins at 2:45.

Class B motorhomes are for those who aren’t quite ready for the Cs, Super Cs, and Class As. They’re also for those looking for outdoor adventures in compact RVs, enjoying the versatility and comfort they have to offer. It’s the best, small mode of travel that still offers a comfortable living space for the short and, in some situations, the long term. The Fleetwood Family of Brands is looking to carve a corner into this market while bringing their expertise in Class A motorhomes.


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis is central to all of the Class B motorhomes in this lineup. The smallest wheelbase, the Sprinter 144”, covers the AL2 floorplan. The 170” wheelbase is used in the SL2 floorplan, with the final two (SL2E and SL4E) on the 177” wheelbase.

The 144” wheelbase is the best in terms of maneuverability and parking. It’s small, but has a higher fuel efficiency, better handling, and easier accessibility. The good thing about the larger wheelbases is that you don’t lose much in the way of maneuverability. They’re still campervans, after all, and a Class B wheelbase hardly compares to parking a Class A motorhome.

The Sprinter 2500 chassis is enormously popular, exceeding expectations across the board. According to Kelly Blue Book, consumer sentiment is high and includes a 75% recommendation with a 4.1 out of 5-star average rating. This is for the passenger variation from 2010 through today. However, it’s the 2500 chassis all the same.

Unique Features and Specifications

The AL2 is a boondocking powerhouse for couples or solo campers, especially with the Freedom package. The optional all-wheel drive and roof rack up the ante, too. All four floorplans include the Sumo-Suspension upgrade, 2,000-Watt inverter and charger, a rooftop solar charging system, a dual-battery charging system, a 30-Amp shore-power setup, and a house battery (70Ah for AL2 and 330Ah for larger chassis models).

A Diesel and Electric hot water heater and coach furnace are standard, as well as heating elements for fresh and gray tanks. Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler stick close to the luxury aspect of their Class A offerings. These include dovetail drawers, a removable Lagun table, wood-inlay valances, soft-touch-color-key walls, privacy shading, and a power-folding sofa bed.

A power-awning, rear-back-up camera, exterior and interior LED lighting, a 13.5k BTU rooftop A/C, and all-season tires are standard on all four as well. Low-profile spoilers, roof racks, and pet screens are optional. The interior aesthetic is slick and simultaneously high-tech and relaxing. From the touch panels and screens to the nifty, fold-down computer desk, it’s clear that the Fleetwood Family of Brands is keeping their word on matching the luxury appeal of their Class As.

Chassis Sprinter 2500 Sprinter 2500 Sprinter 2500Sprinter 2500
EngineInline 4 TurboInline 4 TurboInline 4 TurboInline 4 Turbo
TransmissionTronic 9-Speed AutoTronic 9-Speed AutoTronic 9-Speed AutoTronic 9-Speed Auto
Exterior Length22’10”24’2″24’2”144″
Black Water Capacity14-gallons14-gallons14-gallons14-gallons
Gray Water Capacity22-gallons24-gallons24-gallons24-gallons
Fresh Water Capacity19-gallons27-gallons27-gallons27-gallons

Sustainability and Efficiency

If you’re looking for sustainable RV living throughout your cross-country travels, the AL2 gets the highest miles-per-gallon thanks to its smaller, lighter profile. It only comes with a 70Ah house battery (compared to the 330Ah on the extended models), but it’s setup for a dual-battery scenario if you want to toss in an extra.

The Freedom package significantly reduces fuel expenditure, replacing it with solar power. Without the Freedom package, diesel is your primary power source in the tank, the generator, the hot water heater, and the furnace. Diesel is far cleaner and more efficient than its gasoline counterpart.

Target Audience and Suitability

There’s no getting around the fact that Class B motorhomes are not for large families, even the big ones. Instead, campervans are for those getting their feet wet in the motorhome lifestyle and those who prefer something smaller, more maneuverable, off-grid-ready, and with a smaller footprint.

Class As look nice and all, but you have to carefully plot out your journey to ensure you don’t get stuck under a bridge or stuck in a place where your weight exceeds the road limitations. Size and luxury are a proper trade-off for some, but for others, it’s just easier to stick with simpler and smaller.

This is the reason that REV’s new-found focus on Class B motorhomes is a boon to the industry. They are attempting to bring the very fabric of life in a Class A to a more constrained environment, sacrificing little on the path to miniaturization.

Even the larger SL2E and SL4E only have a single bed surface. These are clearly focused on couples or solo campers, though a family of three could probably make do for a short weekend getaway.

Market Context

Whether it’s van lifers or digital nomads, the movement toward Class B motorhomes exploded during the pandemic and is still going strong today. The primary demographic is 18 to 35-year-olds, and the growing work-from-home movement is only contributing to the demand.

Those looking for a DIY lifestyle, working from home, and moving across the country with temporary stops along the way, are looking for outdoor adventure campers. Class B motorhomes fit that corner of the market to a T, and the Fleetwood Family of Brands is looking to capitalize.

Final Thoughts

The Class B motorhomes on offer from Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler represent a new era in the popular campervan market. Known for their Class A motorhomes, bringing the luxury and lifestyle of a consistent, stable, and highly popular market to the small stage should bode well for the Fleetwood Family of Brands. As for 2024 offerings, you’ll have to wait just a little longer before they hit the showroom floor. However, all things considered, the wait will be worth it.

Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler Debut New Class Bs for 2024

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