VAN GO: The Newest Van Build Out Show

Check out the Magnolia Network series' VAN-GO starring Brett Lewis and Chewy Design Co. for binge-able van build out content.

One space. One artist. Endless locations. Magnolia Network’s new release VAN GO brings these all together into one entertaining van build out television show.

man with glasses sitting in van build out project
Brett Lewis from Chewy Design Co. & star of TV show VAN GO

Chewy Design Co. owner Brett Lewis finds no space too small to give it a big personality. With years of experience building and designing homes, Brett has an eye for charm and an incredibly unique viewpoint for embellishing.

There is one difference separating Brett from other designers: his homes are only a fifth of the size!

The Van Build Out Production

Brett takes old, rundown vans and turns them into high-class, livable remote homes. No home is too tiny and no van is too old. This DIY’er can turn them all into stunning spaces that can make the right people give up their big houses for the little home appeal.

Van build out excitement is on the up. Every year more people turn to a life on the road with minimal belongings. The trick – making a van into a home where you can live, cook and sleep comfortably.

Brett takes on a new adventure as the lead creator and designer on this van build out renovation series, giving mobile homes character, style, and life.

Brett Lewis started Chewy Design Co. when the attention to his small van life started to pick up. He was living out of his striking mobile home that somehow fit a household of activities into a car of space. Other people wanted to live in luxurious road-suites just the same, but they had no idea where to start. Brett took this opportunity to design and craft van interiors for individuals who wanted a lifestyle change and were ready to live a bunk life.

Brett takes van build-out to a new level, giving these homes the ideal features and tailoring them to client needs. A built-in wine rack? On your moving vehicle? You got it!

VAN GO shares the hilarious ways the team manages to overcome some of the renovation challenges of customizing each vehicle. Can they work to make the client’s dream come true?

Casting for Van Owners

Now, Brett and Chewy Design Co. are bringing this van build out opportunity to you with the help of Magnolia Network.

Each episode of VAN GO features a new van lacking class and utility. Brett and his team step in to revive the lost soul and show the owner just how much this tiny space can offer. With built-in loft beds, transformable kitchens, and on-the-go office spaces, the team makes this van home for a lucky driver.

Magnolia Network is casting for the next set of owners looking to turn a van into a stylish home-on-wheels. Do you own a lifeless van in need of a refurbish?

If you are free-spirited and ready to cut all your extra belongings to live a life on the road, you may be exactly who VAN GO is looking for. Reach out and submit your application to Magnolia Network. Plus share what whacky and crazy features you want your van mansion to have!

Join the journey as a van build out fanatic or home renovation binger and find out how to optimize space when it seems like you’ve already maxed it out. Watch and see how some of the world’s population lives, with just a small space to enjoy the road and very minimal possessions.

Binge-able Van Content

Check out the Magnolia Network series’ VAN GO starring Brett Lewis and Chewy Design Co. for your binge-able home content. Brett shows how to renovate tiny spaces and turn them into livable houses that can go anywhere. Looking to live on the move and convert your home into a van? Reach out today and apply to have your mobile home refurbished into something you love.

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